Beginning of a New Era: The SMAC-SMAP Merger

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Our Closure

Dear Readers of this website,

Thank you for all of your contributions towards to formation of this website and the goals we achieved. Overall, I would deem this website a success, as we completely changed the way media within the army community is dealt with. Our standards were un-matchable. Our work ethic was the industry standard.

I myself have become distanced with this community over the years and feel that as a 16 year old I have other commitments. Since late 2013 and early 2014 I have practically been missing in this community. Most of my duties have been behind the scenes in the business side of things; managing the advertising revenue and design of the website, as well as forming our partnership with CPAC.

It will not be easy to say goodbye. A part of my childhood will always remain here on this website that I created in my bedroom all those years ago. As of publication, this website stands just shy of 494,000 views. Maybe, over the years it could hit 500,000.

Do not expect to see me around too often, but I do hope that the transition to CP Army Central is successful, as it is a great publication that helped give me the skills to make this website such a success. I do hope to one day come back to visit this community and see that it is just as fun as I found it.

See you again,


SMAP Founder

SM Army Central – SMAP Has Merged Into SMAC!


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Winter League Group Stage Recap | Set Three & Four

SHERBET, SMAP Headquarters – As another week of the Winter League group stage concludes, we only have 1 week left for armies to click their spot into the semi-finals.

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Army in Focus – Red Miners

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Red Miners Nation – It has been a quite a while since SMAP looked at a particular army. So today, I decided to take a closer view on the Red Miners, an army that entered our Top Ten last week and managed to attain the 10th spot on it. Will the Red Miners be one of the “typical” small armies that die out in a week? Or will they be one of the biggest armies we ever witnessed?

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Top Ten Armies: 1/17/16

SHERBET, SM Army Press Headquarters – After having one of the best recent week of the SM community last week, this top ten features once again a diminished amount of armies.

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Shadow Reacon Army Gets Site and Chat Defaced

ICE BOX, Former Shadow Reacon Army Territory – One of the biggest downfalls in the SM army community are chat and site defaces. They can be so powerful that they can kill the entire army and all the work that was put into it. This tragic event happens far to often in the community which is very unfortunate. Maybe it’s time we stop letting just anyone into the leadership of our armies. Today we see another army getting defaced and the defacer, is sadly, the army’s leader.
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Elites Return – Elites Will Rise Once More?

HALF PIPE, Elites Nation – After being shutdown for more than 6 months and with many  failed generations, the Elites have finally returned to the CP army community with hopes of becoming the army they once were.

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Leaders’ Lounge with Orange – Angel2570

SHERBET, SM Army Press Leaders Lounge – Do you ever wonder how the some of the greatest leaders in this community came to be? Or how long did it take for them to get their big break? These and a lot more questions will be answered in a weekly series called: The Leaders’ Lounge, hosted by Orange. Continue reading

Red Miners Make A Return To The S/M Army Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Red Miners Nation – As we see many armies making a return, the Red Miners jumped at the chance. The question is: Will they be able to dominate and conquer, or will they fall like a lot other armies did before them?

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